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The interview with me. previously only on line is now in a book as follows:

‘Interview with Chris Arthur’ in Marx Inattuale a cura di Riccardo Bellofiore e Carla Maria Fabiani, Edizioni Efesto, Roma, Feb 2019

‘The Logic of Capital: Interview with Chris Arthur\ by Luca Micaloni, Consecutio Rerum, Anno III, numero 5, November 2018: Marx Inattuale a cura di Riccardo Bellofiore e Carla Maria Fabiani; on-line


The New Dialectic

The Brazilian edition of my book The New Dialectic and Marx’s Capital is out:

A Nova Dialética e ‘O Capital’ de Marx, Portuguese trans. (by Pedro Chadarevian) of The New Dialectic #262 with a Brazilian Preface added, Sao Paulo: Edipro, pb, 2016

A chapter of my forthcoming book is published in a Brazilian on-line journal:

With What must the Critique of Capital Begin? in Revista Opinião Filosófica, Porto Alegre, v. 07; no. 01, 2016 – on line:


The Chinese translation of The New Dialectic is now out. A Portuguese one is in train.

A reprint from Verso has been issued of Value: the Representation of Labour in Capitalism (ed Elson) containing my ‘Dialectic of the Value-Form’. Unfortunately egregious misprints were not corrected. Note in particular the following errors:

  • page 73
  • line 7 (relation of symmetry) read “if xRy then yRx”
  • line 11 (third relation) read “if x=y and y=z then x=z”