Dialectics of Labour: Bibliography

Dialectics of Labour: Marx and his Relation to Hegel
by C. J. Arthur
first published, Basil Blackwell, Oxford, 1986


This bibliography assembles full details of works to
which reference is made in the text and notes into five sections. The first
covers editions and translations of Marx’s 1844 Manuscripts; the
second gives other volumes of Marx and Engels’ works cited here; the third
gives the Hegel texts; the fourth lists other primary sources; the fifth
contains the secondary literature referred to. A date in brackets is
that of original publication; then follow details of the edition or

1 Marx’s 1844 Manuscripts

These manuscripts, written in
Paris in 1844, are known by the title Ökonomisch-philosophische Manuskripte. They are
referred to throughout this text as the 1844 Manuscripts. A
considerable part of the text has not been preserved; what remains comprises three
manuscripts, each with its own pagination. There are marginal notes
indicating Marx’s intentions to reorder the material. Number 1 below
contains the material reproduced as closely as possible from the original
manuscripts. It also contains, quite separately, a lightly edited
version. Number 2 contains a more thoroughly edited text attempting to follow
Marx’s intentions. This is the volume to which references are made
throughout the text (Werke Eb.). Number 3 contains the standard English
translation (based on numbers 5 and 6), to which quotations are also
keyed (C.W.3). However, it should not be assumed that the renderings given
follow this. For further comparison, references are sometimes given
also to the translation listed as number 4 below (E.W.). Numbers 8 and 9
contain only partial translations of the 1844 Manuscripts.

  1. Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, Gesamtausgabe, Erste Abteilung Band 2,
    Werke März 1843 bis August 1844, Dietz Verlag, Berlin, 1982.
  2. Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, Werke, Ergänzungzband, Schriften bis
    1844, Erster Teil
    , Dietz Verlag, Berlin, 1968.
  3. Karl Marx and Frederick Engels, Collected Works Volume 3 (1843-44),
    trans. M. Milligan and D.J. Struik, Lawrence and Wishart, London, 1975.
  4. Karl Marx, Early Writings, trans. Gregor Benton, The Pelican Marx
    Library, Penguin Books, Harmondsworth, 1975.
  5. Karl Marx, Economic and Philosophical Manuscripts of 1844, trans.
    Martin Milligan, F.L.P.H., Moscow, 1960.
  6. Karl Marx, The Economic and Philosophic Manuscripts of 1844, ed. Dirk
    J. Struik (revised version of Milligan trans.), International
    Publishers, New York, 1964.
  7. Karl Marx, Early Writings, trans. T.B. Bottomore, Watts, London,
  8. Writings of the Young Marx on Philosophy and Society, ed. and trans.
    Loyd D. Easton and Kurt H. Guddat, Doubleday, Garden City, NY, 1967.
  9. Karl Marx, Early Texts, trans. David McLellan, Basil Blackwell, Oxford,

2 Marx and Engels

  • Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, Gesamtausgabe
    (MEGA), Dietz Verlag, Berlin, 1976-.

    • Erste Abteilung Band 2, Werke März 1843
      bin August 1844.
    • Zweite Abteilung Band 1, Manuskripte 1857-58.
    • Dritte
      Abteilung Band 1
      , Briefe bis April 1846.
  • Karl Marx and Friedrich
    Engels, Werke: Band 23, Das Kapital, Erster Band, 1962; Band 32 1965;
    Ergänzungsband, 1968, Dietz Verlag, Berlin.
  • Karl Marx and Frederick Engels
    Collected Works, Lawrence and Wishart, London, 1975-.

    • Volume 1, Marx,
    • Volume 2, Engels, 1838-42.
    • Volume 3, Marx-Engels, 1843-44.
    • Volume 4, Marx-Engels, 1844-45.
    • Volume 5, Marx-Engels, 1845-47.
    • Volume 6, Marx-Engels, 1845-48.
    • Volume 38, Marx-Engels, 1844-51.
  • Karl Marx, Grundrisse, trans. M.
    Nicolaus, Penguin Books, Harmondsworth, 1973.
  • Karl Marx, Capital Volume 1,
    trans. S. Moore and E. Aveling, F.L.P.H., Moscow, 1961.
  • Karl Marx,
    Capital Volume I, trans. Ben Fowkes, The Pelican Marx Library, Penguin
    Books, Harmondsworth, 1976.
  • Karl Marx, Capital Volume 3, F.L.P.H.,
    Moscow, 1962.
  • Karl Marx Capital Volume 3, trans. D. Fernbach, The Pelican
    Marx Library, Penguin Books, Harmondsworth, 1981.
  • Karl Marx and
    Frederick Engels, Selected Works (in one volume), International Publishers, New
    York, 1968.
  • Karl Marx and Frederick Engels, Selected Correspondence,
    trans. Dona Torr, London, 1934.
  • Karl Marx and Frederick Engels,
    Selected Correspondence, ed. S. Ryazanskaya, Moscow, 1965.

3 G.W.F. Hegel

  • On Christianity: Early Theological Writings, trans.
    T.M. Knox with introduction by R. Kroner, Harper, New York, 1961.
  • Jenaer
    Systementwürfe I, Gesammelte Werke Band 6
    , Meiner, Hamburg,
  • System of Ethical Life and First Philosophy of Spirit, trans. H.S. Harris
    and T.M. Knox, S.U.N.Y. Press, Albany, MY, 1979.
  • Phänomenologie des
    Geistes, Gesammelte Werke Band 9
    , Meiner, Hamburg, 1980.
  • Phenomenology of Spirit, trans. A.V. Miller, Oxford University Press,
    Oxford, 1977.
  • Phenomenology of Mind, trans. J.B. Baillie. Allen & Unwin, London,
  • Wortindex zu Hegels Phänomenologie des Geistes, J. Gauvin, Bonn,
  • Hegel: Texts and Commentary, trans. and ed. W. Kaufmann, Anchor,
    Garden City, NY, 1966.
  • Briefe von und an Hegel Band 1, ed. J. Hoffmeister,
    Meiner, Hamburg, 1952.
  • Wissenschaft der Logik, Meiner, Hamburg,
  • Hegel’s Science of Logic, trans. A.V. Miller, Allen & Unwin, London,
  • The Berlin Phenomenology, ed. and trans. M.J. Petry, Reidel,
    Dordrecht, 1981.
  • Enzyklopädie der philosophischen Wissenschaften im
    , ed, F. Nicolin and O. Pöggeler, Meiner, Hamburg. 1975.
  • Hegel’s
    (being Part I of the Encyclopaedia of the Philosophical Sciences)
    trans. W. Wallace, 3rd ed., Oxford University Press, Oxford,
  • Hegel’s Philosophy of Nature, ed. and trans. M.J. Petry, 3 vols, Allen &
    Unwin, London, 1970.
  • Hegel’s Philosophy of Mind (being Part Ill of the
    Encyclopaedia of the Philosophical Sciences) trans. W. Wallace,
    together with Zusätze, trans. A.V. Miller, Oxford University Press, Oxford,
  • Grundlinien der Philosophie des Rechts (mit Hegels eigenhändigen
    ), ed. J. Hoffmeister, Meiner, Hamburg, 1955.
  • Hegel’s
    Philosophy of Right
    , trans. T.M. Knox, Oxford University Press. Oxford,
  • Hegel Selections, ed. J. Loewenberg, Scribners, New York.
  • Hegel-Lexikon, H. Glockner, 2nd revised ed., 2 vols, Frommann,
    Stuttgart, 1957.

4 Other Sources

  • T. Carlyle, Past and Present, London, 1843.
  • L. Feuerbach, Das Wesen des Christenthums (1841), Gesammelte Werke Band 5, ed.
    Werner Schuffenhauer, Berlin, 1984.
  • L. Feuerbach, The Essence of
    , trans. Marian Evans, New York, 1957.
  • L. Feuerbach, The Fiery
    Brook – selected writings of Ludwig Feuerbach
    , trans. Z. Hanfi, Garden
    City, NY, 1972.
  • L. Feuerbach, Kleinere Schriften II (1839-46),
    Gesammelte Werke Band 9, ed. W. Schuffenhauer, Berlin, 1982.
  • L. Feuerbach,
    Sämtliche Werke Zweiter Band, new ed. W. Bolin and F. Jodl, Stuttgart-Bad
    Canstatt, 1959.
  • J.G. Fichte, Science of Knowledge (1794), trans. P.
    Heath and J. Lachs, Cambridge, 1982.
  • Charles Fourier, Oeuvres
    , Paris, 1966-68.
  • J.-J. Rousseau, The Social Contract and Discourses,
    trans. G.D.H. Cole, revised ed., London, 1973.
  • Adam Smith, The Wealth
    of Nations
    (1776), ed. E. Cannan (from 5th ed. 1789), Chicago,
  • L.S. Steplevich (ed.), The Young Hegelians: an Anthology, Cambridge,

5 Secondary Literature

  • Adams, H.P., Karl Marx in his Earlier Writings
    (1940), London, 1965.
  • Althusser, Louis, For Marx (1965), trans. Ben
    Brewster, London, 1969.
    Politics and History (1970), London,
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