The Chinese translation of The New Dialectic is now out. A Portuguese one is in train.

A reprint from Verso has been issued of Value: the Representation of Labour in Capitalism (ed Elson) containing my ‘Dialectic of the Value-Form’. Unfortunately egregious misprints were not corrected. Note in particular the following errors:

  • page 73
  • line 7 (relation of symmetry) read “if xRy then yRx”
  • line 11 (third relation) read “if x=y and y=z then x=z”

Law and Marxism by E. V. Pashukanis.

Note the following errors in my edition of this.

  • p. 79: the bottom two lines are transposed. Reverse them.
  • p. 105: delete the bottom line.
  • p. 107: the running head should be Norm and Relation.

Thanks to Dimitrios Tzanakopoulos for drawing my attention to this.

The Persian and Chinese translations of The New Dialectic are almost complete.

See the List of Publications for a new piece on Subsumption, and a forthcoming piece on Abstract Labour, both coming out of ISMT conferences in Italy. Also a ‘Dictionary’ style piece on ‘Capital in General’ in Historical Materialism

An obituary I wrote for Joe McCarney recently appeared in Radical Philosophy.

A short article on Capital in General is to appear in the Kritisches Wörterbuch des Marxismus.

Eventually a paper entitled: ‘The possessive spirit of capital: subsumption/inversion/contradiction’ will appear from Palgrave in Re-reading Marx: New perspectives after the critical edition (eds) Riccardo Bellofiore and Roberto Fineschi