‘The Logic of Capital: Interview with Chris Arthur\ by Luca Micaloni, Consecutio Rerum, Anno III, numero 5, November 2018: Marx Inattuale a cura di Riccardo Bellofiore e Carla Maria Fabiani; on-line


The Brazilian edition of my book The New Dialectic and Marx’s Capital is out:

A Nova Dialética e ‘O Capital’ de Marx, Portuguese trans. (by Pedro Chadarevian) of The New Dialectic #262 with a Brazilian Preface added, Sao Paulo: Edipro, pb, 2016

A chapter of my forthcoming book is published in a Brazilian on-line journal:

With What must the Critique of Capital Begin? in Revista Opinião Filosófica, Porto Alegre, v. 07; no. 01, 2016 – on line:



Chinese, Portuguese, Farsi, and Indian editions of my New Dialectic are in train.


Two papers are in press and PDFs of them are on this site:





Earlier this year I gave two talks at Sussex University, one on ‘Towards a Systematic Dialectic of Capital’ and one on ‘Dialectic of Domination and Liberation’ which will be published in the Sussex-based journal Studies in Social and Political Thought.


November 2010


Law and Marxism by E. V. Pashukanis.


Note the following errors in my edition of this.


  • p. 79: the bottom two lines are transposed. Reverse them.
  • p. 105: delete the bottom line.
  • p. 107: the running head should be Norm and Relation.


Thanks to Dimitrios Tzanakopoulos for drawing my attention to this.


October 2010


The Persian and Chinese translations of The New Dialectic are almost complete.


See the List of Publications for a new piece on Subsumption, and a forthcoming piece on Abstract Labour, both coming out of ISMT conferences in Italy. Also a ‘Dictionary’ style piece on ‘Capital in General’ in Historical Materialism


June 2009


Recently published: ‘Contradiction and Abstraction: A Reply to Finelli’ in Historical Materialism 17.1 2009


Just out: ‘The Concept of Money’ in Karl Marx and Contemporary Philosophy eds A. Chitty and M. McIvor, Palgrave Macmillan. See:


12th October, 2008


Just out: an article on the reception of the Grundrisse in the Anglophone world, ch 23 of Musto, M. (ed.) (2008) Karl Marx’s Grundrisse: Foundations of the Critique of Political Economy 150 Years Later (this is different from the ‘Guide to the Grundrisse’ on this site).


10th December, 2007


An obituary I wrote for Joe McCarney recently appeared in Radical Philosophy.


A short article on Capital in General is to appear in the Kritisches Wörterbuch des Marxismus.


Eventually a paper entitled: ‘The possessive spirit of capital: subsumption/inversion/contradiction’ will appear from Palgrave in Re-reading Marx: New perspectives after the critical edition (eds) Riccardo Bellofiore and Roberto Fineschi


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